I’ve been hand-crafting with passion and precision for over 25 years. Originally sewing custom clothing, I’ve moved on to creating gemstone jewellery and designing and quilting unique accessories like the Bookhen©. I’ve now found my ultimate passion: fine leathercraft.

I make all of my patterns from scratch and use only high-quality full grain leathers, mostly sourced from within Australia. Whether this is calf, cow, kangaroo, deer, goat or sheep, or a combination thereof, depends on what each project calls for.

All of my products are carefully saddle-stitched using two harness needles and waxed and braided thread. This century-old leathercraft technique results in a more durable, precise, hard-wearing and aesthetically appealing seam than the nowadays so common machine sewing.

Every item in my collection is unique and will give you a lifetime of joy and use. Many of my products have been inspired by medieval / Nordic history which is reflected in my shop name. My product range includes pieces for any gender and age.IMG_7197


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